Create A Satisfying, High-Paying Career In Tech
(Even With No Tech Experience)


You're good at what you do. Great, even.

And you know there's more out there for you than your industry can provide.

In other words, you see the ceiling -- and you don't like it.

You've heard that high tech is amazing for its growth opportunities, for your upward mobility, and for having an impact on the world at a scale other organizations can't begin to touch.

But how do you get in there? CAN you even get in? Do you have to start at the bottom, with some entry level job, and work your way up? How can you get noticed, not to mention accepted?

Let me clear some things up for you.

Hey :) My name is Adi, and throughout my time working in tech, hiring (and firing) talent, and eventually helping clients in my private coaching practice break into tech jobs, I've noticed trends that come up again and again for job seekers.

These are myths or mistakes that I see many people buy into that prevent them from successfully creating a career in tech:

1) The first thing you must know, is that TECH JOBS GO FAR BEYOND JUST "DEVELOPERS." There's everything from operations to business development to sales to marketing to project management and beyond. If you've got the skills from another industry, you can use them here -- you just need to learn the environment.

2) Second, if you already have work experience, you do NOT need to "downgrade" and go for entry level jobs. You just need to learn to identify your transferable skills, and then translate them so that they register as a match for what tech companies are looking for.

3) Third, and this may sound less optimistic than you were hoping for: You must understand that THE HIRING GAME IS RIGGED AGAINST YOU. It's not personal, of course. But hiring managers want to de-risk the process as much as possible, and that causes them to dismiss anyone who isn't an obvious, perfect fit. That's why in order to even get your foot in the door, you must side-step that game completely and do things differently than people whose resume is already a perfect match.

Fortunately, I've developed a system that helps you do just that. It's everything you need to get from your current position (even if you are currently unemployed) to a job in tech that you will love. Nothing more (because excess information delays transformation), and nothing less (because obviously).

Break Into Tech Academy is an integrated 8-week program designed to help you identify your ideal job in tech, and then stand out as the most relevant candidate for the job, even though you're coming from "the outside."

Read on to check out what the program includes and what we'll cover.

Admission by application only.

We have a set criteria for who we accept as students.
If you believe you are a good fit for the program, book an assessment call with our team today!

Here's what you will discover...

In addition to your three 1-on-1 sessions, each week we'll have one live (virtual) 90-minute class covering a crucial topic, and one live (virtual) group "UnCoaching" session to help you implement the lesson.

These are the topics we'll cover, week by week:


Get Chillingly Specific: What Is YOUR Dream Job?

A strong understanding of the high tech landscape + intense clarity on what's a perfect fit for YOU = a force multiplier for your job search productivity and effectiveness. No more wasting time pursuing avenues that aren't actually relevant for you or that employer. Hyper-focus is the name of the game and Week 1 gets you there.


Assemble Your Army Of Recruiters

It's all in who you know, but what if you don't know anyone "important enough"?
In this module you will learn how to mobilize your existing network to find suitable roles for you, while at the same time amplifying the size and strength of your network... All without feeling sleazy or awkward.


Your Secret Weapon: Intel Gathering Interviews

Learn how to turn casual, informational interviews into incredibly effective sessions that give you the tools you need to blow the next stage -- the interview -- out of the water.


Crafting An Irresistible Resume

Your resume is one of the most important marketing documents you will ever create. It has to make the right impression in about 7 seconds. In this module, you will learn how to craft your resume to get noticed positively and position you as hyper-relevant to the role you're after.


The Pitch

This week, we turn everything you thought you knew about that first interview -- on its head. You will learn how to use everything you've done in the previous weeks to present yourself as the most viable, relevant candidate.


Mastering The Art & Science Of Negotiations

Mathematically, your starting salary has the single biggest impact on your overall future income, since it sets the range for raises and salary bumps. This week, you'll learn how to successfully negotiate your compensation package so you don't lowball yourself. Remember, tech salaries may be very different than what you're used to.


Delivering The Goods

Congratulations! You've signed a lucrative offer and are starting your new job! In order to nail the first 3 months on the job, this week you'll learn how to approach the first 30, 60, and 90 days in your new role to build your authority while having fun.


Advanced Support

Continued live support + Jedi ninja rockstar advanced material.

Admission by application only.

We have a set criteria for who we accept as students.
If you believe you are a good fit for the program, book an assessment call with our team today!

This course is available by application only.

What's Included?

We've made sure this course delivers everything you need to find and land your first job in tech:


8 Weekly Classes

Every week you will learn a new tool. Together, these tools make up the BHT System which helps people like you break into lucrative non-technical roles in tech. Material is organized for optimal implementation (because this


8 Weekly Group UnCoaching Sessions

Where you can bring any questions or challenges you've bumped up against while implementing the lessons.


3 One-On-One Laser UnCoaching Sessions

A hyper-focused private session with Adi where you will bust through anything that's holding you back so you can make the most of your time in the program.


Unlimited Email Support

For small questions that don't require a conversation to answer, you have access to unlimited email support. Just submit your question and get an answer ASAP so you can keep moving forward (max 48 hours turnaround time).


Done-With-You Resume Reviews & Interview Prep

We'll give you evolving feedback on your resume and interviewing skills until they are exactly what they need to be in order to land you the perfect job for you.


Mindset Support

We know that just knowing WHAT to do isn't enough -- we're here to help you cultivate the confident, cool mindset that will not only speed up your results, but also make the journey a lot more fun for you.


Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the lesson recordings for you to review and revisit as needed in the future.

Admission by application only.

We have a set criteria for who we accept as students.
If you believe you are a good fit for the program, book an assessment call with our team today!